What People Say About Premium THC Shop

I never really liked edibles… they usually make me feel tired and ‘stuck’ to the couch. That is until I tried these Faded Edibles! They are amazing!! I feel relaxed, happy, high and full of energy! My new favourite way to indulge. Try them, you won’t be disappointed.

natalie / Happy Client

Definitely worth the money. it has a sweet piney smell, and a solid buzz. I was happy that it was so easy to work with. Spread a little in your bowl and enjoy it all day long. I would buy it again, in an instant. it is a great product.

Chrispy / Happy Client
J’aime mieux prendre ce genre de bonbons que le médication prescrit par le médecin qui me détruit la santé intestinale. Je recommande au gens avec des problèmes de douleurs chronique, ça aide énormément à diminuer la douleur.
Francis / Happy Client

Really liked this the flavour was pretty good I got orange and it tastes good I like it can’t wait to try some other flavors and the price is good for Wedding Cake Syringe.

Miracle / Happy Client
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I wanted to try live rein and this strain was my favorite of all time so I had to grab a gram its so good super potent and gets me sleepy after two hits I highly recommend trying live rein if you’ve been smoking shatter here for awhile it’s a great change up

Spenx / Happy Client
Wahouah brooo ! This hashish bring me so high, I even touched the sky ! It is like electric lol , tastes earthy and smooth. Easy to roll into a blunt, perfect for sharing with friends, put automatic drive and let it smash your head ! Take care 🙂 Peace
Marhon / Happy Client

Decent strain. Potent. Tasty. I had troubles with joints going out sooner then most strains from here. Death Bubba was my favorite from My latest order. Looking forward to trying more. Thanks premium thc shop.

Boundnorth / Happy Client
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First time buying this product!!!… and i have the flavors lava lamp ad death bubba which i like i find it really smooth and did i mention it gets a baked hahaha!!!…i’m never going back to anything other then this, and its so convenient to use the only thing i hate is that it has to be charged when i need it!! hahaha!!…Thanks Premium THC Shop!.

Gillingham / Happy Client
Great deals. Was so happy what I ordered for was what I received. I will recommend you any time.
Matt.j.allard24 / Happy Client

Super tasty 😋!!! I love white chocolate and especially if it’s made with THC. It’s a good portion for a good price, it takes 30 minutes before you can start feeling it. Some people takes only couple of pieces at the time but considering it has 10 blocks I’ll suggest to do 5 and 5 at the time. Enjoy your chocolate 🍫 and thanks Premium THC shop.

Ascione / Happy Client

I had heard and read a lot about Wedding Cake being a fantastic strain, so I was excited to see it available here in 5A. Let me say, it did not disappoint! It tastes great, smells great, the high is great, everything is great. I highly recommend this strain. Thanks Premium THC shop

allard24 / Happy Client
First time ordering from Premium THC Shop, very impressed with the Orange Bud Dried Cannabis Flower. Wasn’t expecting much for an A rated strain but was pleasantly surprised! Smokes nice, tastes great. Keep up the good work!
Bruce / Happy Client

Love the taste. The pine is so delicious. Buds are gorgeous and big. High was relaxing. Expecting a bit stronger but maybe its me. I will definitely order again though. So smooth and love the taste.

Grace / Happy Client

First time trying the Oil vape device. Works great, and the Pink Kush tastes amazing. It’s been years since I’ve had some beautiful honey oil, and this is beautiful. Golden, thick, and vapes great.

Effin W. / Happy Client
Still trying to figure out my happy place with these with respect to dosage. Started with 15:15. Made me very woozy, And binge Small bouts of laughter. Husband tried 25:25 and he was very unsteady on his feet. And had to take a “seat “several times. Lol He said it was a total body buzz. He slept great after about 5 hours of consuming. At 15:15 it did not make me tired.
Prin18 / Happy Client

Really enjoyed this bud, not only do the budz look quality but they have a soft earthy scent that produces a great smoke with a light fruity sweet taste followed by a relaxing buzz that kicks in quickly with this strain this AA is amazing especially for the price great work

Moss K / Happy Client

Best edible gummies out on the market and for the best price!!! I’ve donne research for a lot of “strong” edibles, all of which ended being soft… But these Super Spliffin Haze Sap (S) are strong and that’s a fact !

AlexDU / Happy Client
Really good stuff. This indica will really make you sink in da couch.
Myschyshyn / Happy Client